What People Are Saying!

What People Are Saying!

What People Are Saying!

“Not to be too cheesy, but Shoreline Social Sports & Events changed my life! I joined the kickball league as a free agent several years ago to meet people who love to have fun, have some drinks, and compete! I met new friends, bumped into old ones, and even met my now fianc√©!! I would never have met him or the other amazing friends I’ve made without this league, and am excited for this summer’s activities!”

Amy F.

“Shoreline Social Sports & Events has been a blast. I played kickball last summer and couldn’t have had more fun. I met a lot of awesome people and made many new friends. I enjoyed the fun yet competitive atmosphere so much, I signed up for dodgeball this winter. The experience has been great. I love that all of the teams hang out after the games at the host bar. Good times!”

Brian W.

“I joined the Mystic kickball league in 2015 as a way to meet new people and break up the work week. I’ve since played on multiple teams, in a couple different sports, and absolutely love the competitiveness and camaraderie. Highly recommended!!!”

James B.

“I joined with a team two years ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. From kickball to flag football, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to after a long day at a work!”

Nisha P.

“I’m so glad I joined Shoreline Social Sports & Events. Every game and season is a blast and I’ve met fantastic people that I know will be lifelong friends.”

Sarah W.

“Playing Kickball with Shoreline Social Sports & Events is a fantastic way to spend Summer nights. I made some great friends last year and our whole team is looking forward to the new season in the Spring.”

Jon D.

“I’ve played 5 seasons of kickball at the New London location of Shoreline Social Sports & Events. They do an outstanding job with the league and make it very fun and competitive for all. Our team looks forward to the upcoming seasons. It is a great way to have some competitive fun with your friends and opponents. It’s a great time and a fun night out in the community with friends and new friends.”

Jeff W.